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Oct 01, 2018 2018-10-01

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Inquiry-based Learning Using Primary Sources

Case Maker is a customizable system developed by Bean Creative that offers inquiry-based learning opportunities for students, using primary sources from the Library of Congress. Modeled after the “observe, reflect, question” framework developed under the Teaching with Primary Sources program, Case Maker guides students to select a civics challenge, collect evidence and annotate the related primary source documents, and then build a series of case folders. Geared for sixth- through eighth-grade classrooms, Case Maker features 20 free premade civics challenges, such as “Anger Against Immigrants,” “Freedom of the Press,” “Voter Suppression,” and “Propaganda and ‘Fake News’,” which teachers can share with their students or customize and annotate specifically for their needs. Each challenge is a story-driven mystery or question that engages students with a scenario blending historical fact and current events. A descriptive story layer sets the scene and encourages students to ask deep questions about meaning, author perspective, omitted facts, and unanswered questions. Once they have reviewed the challenge and gained insights from related primary source documents, students make their case based on what they have seen, heard, read, considered, and felt. Students can use the case they’ve created as a reference for an assignment (such as a paper, talk, or debate), or they can use Case Maker’s presentation mode to display their work.

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