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Nov 16, 2020 2020-11-16

Digital Learning • Learning Support

Instant Formative Assessment Tool Activating the Whole Class

A free online whiteboard tool called provides classroom teachers with live feedback and immediate overview of their students’ learning. After creating a virtual class space on, teachers invite their students to join. Everyone gets a digital whiteboard that works on any device—no installation or download is needed. Teachers have full control of who enters their room by using the waiting lobby. They also have the option to lock their virtual room after their class has started, preventing new users from joining. Teachers see all their students’ whiteboards in real time, so they can follow their progress; students see only their personal whiteboard and the teacher’s. Teachers can use the tool to ask a question, and everyone in the class gets the opportunity to answer, thus activating the whole class. The tool also allows teachers to insert images, backgrounds, arrows, shapes, and texts. For example, they can easily insert math symbols, expressions, or equations using the math editor. And teachers can save all their students’ whiteboard images, as PDF files, locally on their own device. was created as a spinoff project from (also known as, a digital online mathematics book by a former elementary school teacher and IT manager in Finland.

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Digital Learning • Learning Support
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