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Sep 17, 2018 2018-09-17


Kit for Designing Working Robots

Sony has created KOOV, an all-in-one coding, robotics, and design kit that combines digital coding with physical building to teach the next generation of problem solvers and innovators. KOOV features more than 300 building blocks and accessories, including various sensors, motors, and LEDs, which students can use to design working robots. The kit is appropriate for groups of up to five students, aged 8 and up, and can be used in independent study or with teacher-led instruction. The KOOV learning courses offer more than 50 hours of instruction to get students excited about coding, design, and STREAM with a wealth of interactive, educational content progressing from basic components to programming logic, structure, and processes. The kit provides lesson plans, teacher guides, student progress reports, and class management features. The kit also has a growing collection of “robot recipes”—pre-coded designs that give students a way to build at their own pace and use the skills they learn along the way to create original robots. In addition, the kit includes a KOOV app, which teachers can use to manage entire classes, individual students, and more. The app is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Chromebook, and iOS (iPad only) devices. The cost of the kit is $519.99; discounts are available for bulk purchases.

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