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Aug 15, 2017

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Learning Modules Encouraging Democratic Citizenship

For social studies educators who want to actively engage their students in learning about government, law, economics, or citizenship, The Civic Mirror created by Action-Ed Learning Resources, brings these subjects to life both in class and online. Unlike most social studies programs that ask students to learn about topics, The Civic Mirror allows students to experiment with the course content. It provides students with a voice and enlivens the curriculum by turning them into citizens of their own country, with their own families, government, court, economy, and environment. Additionally students from different states can talk with one another about the Civic Mirror and “Real World” issues, such as politics, economics, law, and business strategy. Besides participating in a General Discussion space and viewing a CM World Newsreel, students can view the discussion forums of other simulated countries (that is, classes of students) and post comments (if allowed). Civic Mirror works on iPads and tablets. Interested users can register for a free six-week trial and check out the free five-week unit plan.

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