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Jun 01, 2021 2021-06-01

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Lessons on the Social and Emotional Impacts of COVID-19

As we begin to resume many aspects of our lives that have been on hold since the start of the pandemic, we can continue to reflect on the impacts of COVID-19, not only as teachers and parents but also through the eyes of students. The film Cocoon, made during lockdown in March 2020, offers a window to begin this conversation. The film documents students’ experiences and perspectives living in Portland, Oregon. While the period highlighted in the film has passed, it marks a significant moment that we all remember, raising questions that still remain. The Global Oneness Project has provided lessons to engage students, across all grades, in learning activities that prompt them to examine their thoughts and feelings about the pandemic and the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted their learning. The online lessons include discussion questions, writing prompts, journaling ideas, links to companion texts, connections to national curriculum standards and frameworks, and more. Teachers can also access the lessons via Google Docs and Google Classroom. Spanish translations are available as well. The lesson How I Feel About the Pandemic suggests ways that students in grades 3–5 can explore their emotions, memories, or observations. In the lesson Bearing Witness to Change During the Covid-19 Pandemic, students in grades 6–8 reflect on ways the pandemic has shifted their perspectives and consider the impacts the pandemic has had people and society. And the lesson The Social and Emotional Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic encourages students in grades 9–12 to uncover how life and learning have changed since the start of the pandemic.

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