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Jan 05, 2021 2021-01-05


Lunar Racecar Design Challenge

Moon Mark has forged a partnership with Lunar Outpost to send racecars, designed and piloted remotely by high school students, to the Moon in 2021. To launch the first-ever high school competition to race vehicles on the surface of the Moon, the companies will team up with Houston-based Intuitive Machines, which is on track to become the first private aerospace company to land on the Moon. The Mission 1 competition, slated for 2021, will include six diverse teams of high school students selected from across the United States. The teams will compete in a series of qualifying challenges that include unique demands, such as drone and autonomous vehicle racing, e-gaming, and a space commercialization entrepreneurship contest. The two top teams from the qualifying rounds will get an opportunity to build and race two vehicles on the Moon. The vehicles will be loaded onto Intuitive Machines’ Nova-C Lunar Lander, launched from Earth on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, and land in 2021. Competitors will then race their rovers remotely, navigating through harsh terrain and racing around a sphere of cameras that will capture every aspect. Together, Moon Mark and Intuitive Machines will create a global multimedia campaign featuring authentic stories of each team on this journey. The campaign will also create traditional and nontraditional educational experiences, providing accessible content for students, teachers, and the public, and will brand STEAM education as a fun and inspirational choice for youth across the globe. 

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