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Sep 01, 2017 2017-09-01

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Magazine Inspiring Girls to Be Strong and Inquisitive

Kazoo is a new kind of quarterly print magazine for girls, aged 5–10—one that inspires them to be strong, smart, fierce, and above all, true to themselves. Top female artists, explorers, scientists, chefs, athletes, activists, writers, and others either developed or inspired all of the stories. Regular features include science experiments; comics; art projects; recipes; interviews with inspiring women, from Olympic athletes to astronauts; and fun activities, such as secret codes, jokes, mazes, and search-and-finds. Kazoo celebrates girls for all that they are—smart, inquisitive, creative, brave, and strong. The magazine is 100 percent ad-free. A one-year subscription (four issues) costs $50; single issues are also available at $15 each.

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