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Jun 15, 2017 2017-06-15

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Math Game to Avoid the Summer Slide

Cignition aims to break the summer-slide trend through an online fantasy world called Fog Stone Isle, which helps students retain the difficult math concepts encountered during the school year through crafting activities during the summer months. Designed by neuroscientists, teachers, and game developers, the game engages students in creating, exploring, and learning while crafting structures, battling plants against weeds, making products, and using math in many other real-world ways. As they craft their worlds, students learn the underlying math concepts and build mastery through their application. The system records every game move, enabling measurement of cognitive abilities, as well as mathematical understanding and skill. Those measurements, in turn, feed a machine learning engine that constantly adapts to every student. Detailed measurements of progress in mathematical understanding and fluency are shared with students, parents, prior-year teachers, and following-year teachers. Because many other activities will be competing for students’ interest, Cignition will be providing extra incentives for students to continue their math learning through the game, including an award of five Nintendo Switch game consoles to the most improved players. Fog Stone Isle is free to schools through programs paid by participating parents; $9.99 covers the cost of the entire summer for an entire family, with progress and performance reports available to parents throughout the summer. Cignition provides help for families of financial need.

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