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Could you spot fake news?

Feb 01, 2019 2019-02-01

Social Media

Media Literacy Game for Detecting Viral Deceptions

NewsFeed Defenders, by iCivics and, is a free media literacy game that engages students with the standards of journalism, showing them how to spot a variety of methods behind the viral deceptions they face today. To play the game, students join a fictional social media site focused on news and information, where they meet challenges to level up from guest user to site administrator. They can reach this level only by spotting dubious posts that try to sneak in through hidden ads, viral deception, and false reporting. In addition to maintaining a high-quality site, students are charged with growing traffic while keeping posts on topic. also hosts lesson plans, misinformation directories, videos, and a teacher extension pack for use with projectors or interactive whiteboards.

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