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Cultural Awareness Game

Aug 15, 2018 2018-08-15

Mobile Learning

Minigames Developing Global and Cultural Awareness

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers, also known as LXB, is a team of teen bloggers from China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam who are traveling through Asia to track down a mysterious criminal mastermind known as The FOX. The FOX has been stealing important cultural landmarks and objects all across Asia, and searches for him have proved fruitless. What The FOX doesn’t know is that the teen bloggers from the four Asian countries have teamed up to bring him to justice. Students can join these teen bloggers by taking on the role of Agent X, an honorary fifth member of the LXB. Working together, they will travel online to each LXB member’s home country and investigate clues left behind by The FOX. As they assemble and follow the clues in each minigame, students learn about the particular country they’re visiting, while cracking the code to capture The FOX. Students can play the minigames for each country via the mobile web, or they can download the free app for iPhone and iPad by TestTube Games. Developed by Boston Children’s Museum, The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is part of The Freeman Foundation Asian Culture Exhibit Series.

Global Awareness Cultural Awareness Gamification/Game-Based Learning Geography Problem-based Learning

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