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Students Learn About Climate Change and the Human Ecological Footprint Through Cleanopolis VR App

May 01, 2018 2018-05-01

Mobile Learning

Minigames to Increase Environmental Awareness

Fighting climate change becomes interactive with the free Cleanopolis VR app for iOS and Android by Groupe EDF. Students learn about CO2 and battle along with Captain Clean in the fight against climate change. Assisted by their faithful companion, Tobby, students and Captain Clean explore a 3D city and discover its four districts. The app features eight minigames in which students must reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases in each district. Quizzes let students evaluate their ecological footprint and learn how to improve it. And a movie theater plays an educational film starring Igloo the penguin, who explains climate change. For an immersive experience and a wow effect, students can use 3D glasses (cardboards). Cost: Free

Environmental Education Science Gamification/Game-Based Learning

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