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Dec 03, 2018 2018-12-03


Mixed-Reality System to Improve STEAM Learning

NoRILLA (novel research-based intelligent lifelong learning apparatus) is a mixed-reality system that combines physical and virtual worlds to improve children’s STEAM learning in an enjoyable and collaborative way. Based on scientifically proven research at Carnegie Mellon University, NoRILLA’s specialized AI algorithm tracks what students are doing in the physical environment and provides personalized interactive feedback to children as they experiment and make discoveries in the real world. EarthShake, the first educational game for the NoRILLA system, teaches early physics principles through hands-on learning. A table provides earthquakes, and students make predictions about which tower will stay up longer. The supporting technology can detect how the towers fared during the quake, and the game’s cartoon gorilla gives students appropriate feedback to understand the underlying principles. NoRILLA can be used to teach STEAM concepts such as inquiry, balance and stability, geometry, symmetry, volume, ratio, and scientific curiosity, as well as critical thinking skills. Educators can sign up on the website for updates.

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