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Physics and Science of Cheerleading

Sep 15, 2015 2015-09-15


Perform a Cheer for Science

The Science of Cheerleading is a free ebook that explains the physics and engineering principles behind cheer routines and stunts. The book was created by the founder of Science Cheerleader, an organization of 300 current and former NFL and NBA cheerleaders who are pursuing science and technology careers. Each chapter of the ebook includes a brief video of a Science Cheerleader introducing the chapter’s topic; a brief video of youth cheerleaders performing a science cheer about that topic; text, illustrations, and some engaging examples; a two- to three-minute video of an interview with a Science Cheerleader so students learn more about her connections to science and cheerleading; highlighted science terms, with more information in the Glossary; and highlighted cheer terms, with a Glossary link to explanations of the cheer terminology. Many physics principles are highlighted as well, along with examples from cheerleading and other real-world applications: Newton’s Laws of Motion, changes in velocity and acceleration, angular momentum, terminal velocity, compression and tension, center of gravity versus center of mass, and kinesiology (how muscles work). In addition, the ebook provides basic information on other relevant scientific topics, such as nutrition, computer science, acoustics, and weather. A high-level look at several science careers is also included. The Science of Cheerleading is available as a free downloadable ebook, or as interactive or noninteractive PDFs.

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