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Apr 02, 2018 2018-04-02

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Platform for Creating Podcasts

On the platform, students can quickly and easily create their own podcasts—free of charge. They can capture all of their audio with the Anchor mobile app (iOS or Android) or upload the audio from their dashboard at They can combine as many segments as they want into an episode (for example, a theme song, an introduction, an interview with a guest, or selected listener messages) without having to do any editing in advance. As students set up their podcast, Anchor will automatically distribute it to major podcast platforms (including Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music) with just one click (or tap, if students are using their smartphones). After setting up their podcasts, students will be able to distribute future episodes from everywhere their podcasts are available. Recording, creating, and sharing are all done in one place. Once the episode is live, students can use Anchor’s built-in tools to post it to Facebook and Twitter, embed it on their website, and make a transcribed video. Listeners can send short voice messages to the show at any time. Students can review the messages privately and add their favorites to their episodes. Anyone listening to a student’s podcast in Anchor can applaud favorite moments.

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