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Feb 01, 2018 2018-02-01

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Podcasts Offering Insight into Global Cultures and Events

Primary Source has created What Teachers Need to Know, a podcast series for educators who teach global cultures or world events in their classroom. In every compact episode, the podcast offers vital insight for understanding world cultures and current events so that teachers can facilitate deeper learning about the world with their students. Teachers will meet subject-matter experts and explore online resources that can help make a complex and dynamic world accessible for K–12 classrooms. The first podcast in the series, What Teachers Need to Know: The Middle East, offers insight for understanding the modern Middle East and North Africa. Episodes such as “Underneath the Veil” and “Syria, Explained” explore a range of cultural and political issues. “Media Literacy & the Middle East” discusses the importance of thinking critically about news, information, and stories related to the Middle East and highlights five activities teachers can do to promote media literacy in their classrooms.

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