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Aug 15, 2018 2018-08-15

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Program Encouraging Respectful Discourse

AllSides for Schools, a multifunctional program of the Mediators Foundation in partnership with AllSides and Living Room Conversations, helps educators teach essential skills in critical thinking, collaboration, listening and respectful discourse, media literacy, and social–emotional learning. The AllSides News Page curates daily news stories by topic categories and with left–center–right bias ratings. Issue searches include background articles, think-tank and policy-group perspectives, in-person Living Room Conversation prompts and protocols, and ConsiderIt online discussion areas. Additional features include the AllSides Balanced Dictionary, defining controversial terms and issues across the political spectrum;, a platform for connecting classrooms and promoting civil discourse; and AllSides Boards, for posting assignments, sharing materials, and organizing research. Common Core–aligned lesson plans and personal-bias discovery tools round out the wealth of resources provided for preparing students in grade 6 and above to participate thoughtfully in democracy—and in life.

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