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Global Problem Solvers Series by Cisco

Aug 01, 2018 2018-08-01

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Program Supporting Social Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

Cisco has introduced Global Problem Solvers: The Series (GPS: The Series), a new animated program with supporting activities that engages students with a team of teens from around the globe who use technology to solve real-world social, economic, and environmental problems. The goal is to inspire students to think like entrepreneurs, innovate like technologists, and act as social change agents while improving their problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and management skills. Through the program, students learn that coming up with ideas is just the first step in problem solving. While interacting with one another, they discover the stages of making ideas real—design, manufacturing, deployment, maintenance, and funding. By approaching social change as an entrepreneur and applying technology to accelerate the difference they can make, students are challenged to find solutions that are scalable and sustainable. In doing so, they also learn the skills they will need to thrive in an increasingly digital world. GPS: The Series is freely available from Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility. The Teacher’s Guides, Story Boards, and Scripts for Season 1: Working Well and Season 2: Storm Force are free to download from the website. The site is accessible in English, Spanish, French, and Hindi.

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