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Aug 02, 2021 2021-08-02

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Program That Develops Social and Emotional Competencies

Available at no cost, the Harmony SEL program is designed to foster communication, connection, and community, both inside and outside the classroom, and develop boys and girls into compassionate and caring adults. The freestanding lessons are combined as grade bands for prekindergarten and kindergarten, first and second grades, and fifth and sixth grades. Grades 3 and 4 have lessons for those specific levels but are not combined as a grade band. Each grade/grade band includes approximately 20 lessons organized into five units that focus on the themes of Diversity & Inclusion, Empathy & Critical Thinking, Communication, Problem Solving, and Peer Relationships. These focal themes are presented in ways that are differentiated for each grade/grade band to account for students’ developmental levels. In lower elementary, for example, lessons include storybooks that focus on core themes; games are provided for upper elementary levels. In-person training is offered onsite or offsite. Online training is available as self-paced group or individual training sessions with a virtual instructor. A train-the-trainer model is also an option. All trainings are experiential, with opportunities for participants to practice the strategies they are learning and reflect on what those strategies might look like in their unique contexts. An Implementation and Training Roadmap recommends steps for sustainability, including creating a leadership team, establishing goals and expectations for the program, and recognizing teacher-leaders.

Plus: In mid-fall, Harmony Third Edition will be available on an online learning portal. Based on the latest research in SEL, learning, and development, this edition will introduce a new unit structure, aligned to CASEL’s updated competencies, to be more inclusive of equity and excellence. The new structure will incorporate strategies for academic integration and virtual learning, and provide shorter, more accessible lessons.

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