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Jan 04, 2018 2018-01-04

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Project-based Advocacy Curriculum

An innovative, project-based curriculum for middle school and high school, Rock Your World inspires students to ask bold questions about the challenges they see in their neighborhoods, communities, and the world around them, and then engages them in the development of advocacy campaigns designed to overcome those challenges. The program presents a variety of research techniques designed to help students become aware of and informed about an issue of their choice. Students study tactics and techniques employed by successful campaigns and then create and pitch their own advocacy campaigns by making films, writing persuasive pieces, or composing songs. Flexible and fully aligned with Common Core State Standards, Rock Your World offers more than 70 lessons from which teachers can choose, depending on their instructional goals and students’ interests and needs. Sponsored by the Creative Visions’ Foundation, Rock Your World is free and available for download from its website.

Civic Literacy Project-based Learning Common Core

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