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Sep 01, 2017 2017-09-01

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Project-based Learning Encouraging Global Connections

Dreamdo Schools is a free project-based learning (PBL) platform that allows teachers and students to create and contribute to projects, sharing learning and experiences with their classmates and potentially the world. The projects posted are intended to inspire students to develop their own ideas, create a project, and document their accomplishments. A search tool helps students find projects that match their interests by subject area, topic, and age range. A Teacher Package lays out a detailed guide to help students brainstorm, plan, and execute a project that they can then document and share on Dreamdo. The package also includes printables for facilitating classroom activities. To maximize students’ learning potential, teachers can take advantage of the message feature to build connections with classrooms around the world. They can send private messages to other educators and collaborate on a project around a particular issue that both classes can document through Dreamdo.

Project-based Learning Social Media

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