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Apr 15, 2020 2020-04-15

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Project to Build Students’ Media Literacy

MediaWise is a nonprofit, nonpartisan project from the Poynter Institute empowering people of all ages to be more critical consumers of content online. The program teaches young people nationwide key digital literacy skills to spot misinformation and disinformation so they can make decisions based on facts, not fiction. More than half of the students participating in the program come from underserved or low-income communities. The program includes the following components: (1) Curriculum: The Stanford History Education Group has developed a free middle school and high school curriculum called “Civic Online Reasoning.” (2) In-Person Teaching: MediaWise team members host in-person events at schools nationwide. (3) Teen Fact-Checking Network: Dozens of teens from across America work with MediaWise virtually to fact-check content online. (4) Ambassadors: Prominent journalists and social media influencers help to spread the word. The work of MediaWise has been seen on social media by more than 5 million viewers, and with the launch of the MediaWise Voter Project (#MVP), the audience has expanded to include young voters heading to the polls for the first time in 2020.

Plus: Poynter’s News University has curated an array of free virtual resources to assist teachers as they migrate to an online teaching/learning environment. These just-in-time supplements will enhance any virtual curriculum. Poynter faculty and staff are also available for drop-in virtual teaching.

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