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Apr 17, 2017


Puzzle-Piece Programming

The Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education at the University of California, Davis has launched RoboBlockly, a web-based robot simulation that uses a simple puzzle-piece interface to program virtual Linkbot and LEGO robots. The RoboBlockly curriculum includes student self-guided Hour of Code robotics and coding activities, as well as teacher-led math activities that meet national standards for grades 4–9. Teacher’s notes and resource packets for all of these activities are freely available in C-STEM Studio. RoboBlockly can be used with a modern web browser on any computing device, including laptops, tablets, iPads, and smartphones, and it is available in multiple languages. Schools using the C-STEM curriculum can attend the annual C-STEM Day held every May at UC Davis and in the past two years in Orange County, California. C-STEM Day presents an opportunity for students to use their programming skills to solve problems in the RoboPlay Challenge Competition, and to demonstrate their creativity in the RoboPlay Video Competition.

Project-based Learning Gamification/Game-Based Learning Robots/Robotics Virtual/Augmented/Alternative Reality Engineering

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