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Dec 03, 2018 2018-12-03

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Realistic Courtroom Simulations

Enrichment activities and resources dealing with the federal courts, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution bring realistic court experiences into the lives of high school students. These original, courtroom-ready and classroom-ready resources are the centerpiece of the federal courts’ national and local educational outreach to high school students and their teachers. The classroom and courtroom activities apply contemporary Supreme Court cases to today’s teen issues. The court simulations offer real-life experiences with judges and attorneys at local federal courthouses. All participants are involved in the courtroom action, most important, as jurors. The activities are supported by interactive web resources and multimedia tools, including videos and podcasts on court fundamentals. In addition, federal judges across the nation host in-court events for high school students and programs for teachers. To find a nearby federal court, educators can go to the online court locator or contact the National Outreach Manager at

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