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Rhyming Rap Game

Dec 01, 2020 2020-12-01

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Rhyming Vocabulary Game Inspired by Hip-Hop

Board games are the center of game nights, yet with all the fun they offer, there is little representation of Black culture within the industry. That lack of representation and a love of hip-hop and literacy inspired Chantel Calloway, an advocate for literacy in her community, to create Rhyme Antics, a rhyming vocabulary game inspired by hip-hop for people 12 years old and up. The game includes more than 12,000 vocabulary words, including SAT words. It uses difficulty levels of rhyming and vocabulary words combined with music to develop each player’s fluid intelligence. Players must think to the beat while freestyling in Standard English. A creative language arts curriculum designed for students in grades 6–11 accompanies the game. The comprehensive program combines vocabulary building, creative writing, hip-hop history, gaming, and music therapy to develop English language arts skills. The basic game set, which costs $27.99, includes 135 playing cards (easy, intermediate, and intellectual levels), plus a scoreboard, playing-card clips, microphone, dry-erase marker, 60-second sand timer, and free iOS music app. 

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