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Game About Winston Churchill

Aug 01, 2018 2018-08-01

Mobile Learning

Scenarios That Changed History

Think Like Churchill by Touch Press is an app for iOS that lets students stand in the shoes of Winston Churchill as he faces some of the most difficult and challenging dilemmas in history. At the end of each scenario, students’ decisions are dissected and analyzed to help them understand how to become a better decision maker. Each scenario immerses students in a different pivotal moment in Churchill’s life. Some dilemmas are personal, some are controversial, and some helped shape the fate of the world. Throughout the app, students have access to Churchill’s own thoughts and writings, the advice of his friends and colleagues, as well as rare archival material, including intelligence reports, private letters, telegraphs, and briefing documents. After making their decision, students discover how closely it matches Churchill’s. Cost: $4.99

Social Studies Problem-based Learning

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