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Nov 15, 2019 2019-11-15

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Science, Research, and Innovation Competition

The MIT THINK Scholars Program is a nationwide educational initiative from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that encourages high school students to turn their science, technology, and engineering ideas into reality. To participate in the program, students must submit a research proposal for consideration. Winners then get a research grant of $1,000 to implement their ideas, as well as an all-expenses-paid trip to MIT to meet professors in their field of research. They also get to tour labs and attend MIT’s xFair. THINK project proposals may span many fields, from green technologies and practical devices to software applications. As long as students can complete the project in one semester with a $1,000 budget, almost anything is fair game. A good proposal has an insightful idea, clearly defined goals, and a well-thought-out procedure for implementation.

Deadlines: January 1, 2020—applications due; January 15, 2020—finalists notified of mentorships, project funding, and trip to MIT; February 2–6, 2020—finalists visit MIT, tour the campus, receive guidance on projects, and engage in conversations with mentoring professors; June 2020—finalists complete their projects, after which scholarships are awarded to winners so they can continue to fulfill their passion for STEM.

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