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Jan 15, 2018 2018-01-15

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Scientific Explorations Through Virtual Field Trips

Teachers can show their students that science, exploration, and conservation are alive outside of their textbooks by joining virtual field trips with National Geographic Explorers. Several times a month, students can participate in Explorer Classroom and connect with National Geographic explorers in Google Hangout events. On January 11, for example, students met a big cat researcher and conservationist who works on human–carnivore conflict throughout east and southern Africa. Thanks to satellite technology, students were able to connect with the Explorer while he was working in the field in Botswana. To participate in Explorer Classroom, teachers need to register online. The first six classrooms to register will be awarded on-camera spots. Those classrooms will have the opportunity to interact with the featured Explorer directly—just like in a Skype call. In addition, an unlimited number of people can watch live on YouTube, and anyone can ask questions by tweeting #ExplorerClassroom. All Explorer Classroom hangouts are recorded so teachers can review them a second time or save them for just the right moment in their instruction.

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