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Jan 05, 2021 2021-01-05

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SEL Mentoring Program Inspiring a Positive Classroom Culture

Through the Classroom Champions program, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, student athletes, and professional athletes help support social and emotional learning among students and teachers in high-poverty schools in the US and Canada. The athletes help deliver the K–8 SEL curriculum through monthly lessons covering goal-setting, emotions, community, perseverance, teamwork, feedback, healthful living, and leadership. The program includes resources in English and Spanish, hands-on activities, videos from the athlete mentors, and family outreach materials. Teachers can try one unit for free. Before offering the program in any classroom, volunteer athletes are trained on the curriculum and practices for working with students and teachers. The program helps create relationships via technology, an especially important benefit given that many students across the country are still learning remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the program recently launched its own private platform through the Classroom Champions website to make it easier for classrooms and athletes to communicate. The athletes also regularly use social media to connect with teachers and students.

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