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May 03, 2021 2021-05-03

Professional Growth

SEL Program Prioritizing Educators’ Well-Being

Created for educators by educators, Second Step SEL for Adults is a standalone social–emotional learning (SEL) program designed to help K–12 leaders and staff strengthen their social-emotional skills and create a positive and supportive school climate. With separate tracks for staff and school leaders, the program is intended for every adult in a school. The Leader Track provides a variety of supports, from forming a team to implementing the program to facilitating module kickoffs. Leaders also experience the program’s contents alongside staff, with additional content about ways to support staff and successfully implement the program. Modules in the Staff Track each include four months of learning in four units. Each unit contains six to eight individual microlearnings and a small-group learning. In Module 1: Building Trust, educators learn routines that they can use to build trust with colleagues and with students, and help students build trust with one another. In Module 2: Managing Stress, educators learn routines that can be used with colleagues to reduce stress in the workplace and the classroom to help create a more positive classroom environment and help students manage stress. Second Step SEL for Adults is an ongoing digital program; additional content will be released through 2021 and beyond. Coming next are Module 3: Advancing Equity and Module 4: Developing Efficacy. A Scope and Sequence, Review of Research, and Chart of Alignment with CASEL are available to download from the program’s website.

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