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Sesame Street racial literacy

Apr 01, 2021 2021-04-01

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Sesame Street’s ABCs of Racial Literacy

Sesame Street is introducing two new Muppets, a Black father and son, as part of an effort to help children understand racial literacy. The two Muppets, Wes and Elijah, were recently introduced in a short video created by Sesame Workshop. In the video, Elmo wants to know why Wes’s skin is brown, so Wes's father, Elijah, explains the concept of melanin and the “color of our skin is an important part of who we are.” Sesame Workshop also released a music video to the song “Giant” where the Sesame Street Muppets celebrate their own unique identities. Another video featuring Rosita, her mother and her friend, celebrates speaking Spanish and shows the Muppets helping Rosita cope after a racist incident. Additional, new resources to support families who want to discuss race and racism with their children are being released as part of Sesame Workshop’s “Coming Together” series. The series is rooted in extensive research and consultation with experts to develop a groundbreaking racial justice educational framework and curriculum for children.

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