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Spread of US Slavery

Sep 15, 2015 2015-09-15

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Shape Understanding of Emancipation

University of Richmond’s Visualizing Emancipation aggregates and visualizes various information related to slavery during the American Civil War: its legality according to the US government, movements of US Army regiments, and documentation of the institution’s destruction. Learners can view maps based on particular options, such as Union Army Location, or filter by a source (for example, personal papers) or event (African Americans helping the Union). Visualizing Emancipation is well suited to high school instruction. In addition to the events, which play out like a movie, educators can use lesson plans keyed to the Common Core State Standards.

Click Here to Access Visualizing Emancipation Web Page

Plus: Developed by a faculty member at George Mason University, The Spread of U.S. Slavery complements Visualizing Emancipation. Whereas one shows the systematic elimination of slavery during the war, the other underscores its steady growth between 1790–1860. The Spread of U.S. Slavery’s intuitive interface lets learners adjust the timeframe and toggle between views of census data (for example, the enslaved and free populations) to visualize slavery’s prevalence. A special feature lets learners cursor over particular counties for granular census data. The tool can help educators dispel the myth that slavery was ebbing before the outbreak of the American Civil War.

Click Here to Access The Spread of U.S. Slavery Web Page

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