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Using Lumilo mixed-reality glasses, teachers can instantly get student statistics through AI-powered educational technology.

Jun 01, 2018 2018-06-01

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Smart Glasses That Drive Intelligent Learning

Lumilo is a pair of mixed-reality smart glasses that provides teachers with continuous, real-time feedback about their students’ learning, metacognition, and behavior, informing them on the potential effects of their teaching. The glasses leverage the wealth of real-time analytics that drive AI-powered educational software (but which normally remain hidden behind the scenes), converting them into a visual form readily accessible to and actionable by teachers. When a teacher glances around the classroom, Lumilo allows the teacher to see real-time analytics (in the form of icons) floating directly above each student’s head. The teacher can glance directly at a student or “click” on a student’s icon to see more detailed information about where and how that student may be struggling. The Lumilo project’s website offers additional information about these smart glasses and tunes in K–12 teachers to the continuous, embedded assessments that drive intelligent learning software.

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