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Oct 01, 2018 2018-10-01

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Social Studies Argument Writing

Read.Inquire.Write. is a research-based curriculum from The University of Michigan School of Education that creates a process to support middle school students’ argument writing through reading of sources and analysis of complex social and historical issues. Across investigations, students write increasingly complex forms of argument—from interpretations to critiques to counterarguments—with support from disciplinary literacy tools. The curriculum is designed to engage all students, including those who struggle with reading and English language learners. Teachers can use the investigations and disciplinary literacy tools to support their students in the reading, thinking, and writing processes, adapting the investigations to meet the particular needs of students in their classroom. Or they can use the Read.Inquire.Write. literacy tools and Library of Congress sources to structure their own investigations of the social studies topics they teach. All Read.Inquire.Write. materials are free; and login is necessary only for accessing downloads.

Social Studies Reading/English/Language Arts

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