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Mar 15, 2019 2019-03-15

SPOTLIGHT! On Faces of Global Immigration

Issues of identity and belonging are inseparable from the experiences of immigration. Stories of immigrants, past and present, illuminate the human lives behind today’s ever-shifting global landscape. Witnessing peers from diverse geographies helps students to make valuable connections and support, appreciate, and respect cultural diversity.

Youth Perspectives
The Global Oneness Project has created a new video collectionGlobal Youth Perspectives—with seven stories and accompanying lesson plans that highlight youth around the world. Students will meet preschoolers from Scotland and teenagers from India, Alaska, and Syria. They will learn about the daily lives of these youth, as well as their hopes for the future in a changing world.

Identity and Belonging
Facing History and Ourselves offers more than 170 lessons and other resources on global immigration. One featured collection provides structured activities for making connections to current events and discussing sensitive topics in a safe and reflective classroom. The lessons examine examples of division and intolerance, as well as powerful cases of individuals and communities working together and standing up to hate. A collection of readings addresses the complicated issues of identity and belonging. Students are encouraged to think critically about how societies and individuals continue to define who does and does not belong and to connect these issues to debates and dilemmas facing society today.

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