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Feb 01, 2019 2019-02-01

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Storytelling Podcast Bringing Folktales to Life

Circle Round is a storytelling podcast geared to children aged 4–10. Created and produced by parents of young children, Circle Round tells carefully selected folktales from around the world. The stories are adapted for today’s children into 10- to 20-minute diverse episodes that delve into topics such as kindness, persistence, and generosity. For example, in “The Queen’s Gift”—a story from Africa, the Middle East, and the Caucasus—a prince's newfound weaving skills come in handier than he ever imagined. In the Galician folktale “The Dancing Goats,” an aspiring musician dreams of making the whole world dance. Notable voices bring the stories to life with the help of a public radio host/reporter as narrator. A composer for the stage and screen creates original music for each story. The episodes are adapted and written specifically for Circle Round.

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