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Jan 15, 2021 2021-01-15

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Supporting Urban Students on the Days After Major Events

In a guest post on Beyond the Spotlight—a resource for parents, caregivers, and educators, designed to create equitable and caring classrooms for all children—Alyssa Hadley-Dunn, Associate Professor of Teacher Education at Michigan State University and founder of Teaching on the Days After: Dialogue & Resources for Educating Toward Justice, offers tips and resources for teachers related to the attack on the US Capitol. Dr. Dunn’s research centers on urban teacher education and support, and the sociocultural and political contexts of urban schools, with a focus on issues of race, justice, and equity. A former high school English teacher, Dr. Dunn is currently working on a book about how teachers make pedagogical decisions on “days after” major events, tragedies, or instances of injustice. Her tips in this online post include using multiple Zoom breakout rooms, especially when teaching students of color; thinking about the language the media is using and naming the truth; analyzing images such as the US Capitol, the Confederate flag, and the act of stealing the speaker’s podium; helping students process their thoughts through writing; comparing police responses at the Capitol and during the summer protests; pushing back against neutrality; establishing dialogue norms; learning and practicing interrupter phrases—and more.

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