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Archive of materials from Teddy Roosevelt.

Dec 03, 2018 2018-12-03

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Theodore Roosevelt’s Life Documented Through Primary Sources

Thousands of intimate records from Theodore Roosevelt’s life are now available in a digital archive compiled by the Library of Congress. According to the library, its collection of Roosevelt’s papers has become the world’s largest, with 276,000 documents and more than 460,000 images from his time as governor of New York, his days as a cavalry officer in the Spanish–American War, and his role as president in the early 1900s. Among the historical files are scrapbooks, speeches, and family records, most notably a letter containing Roosevelt’s first documented use of the proverb “speak softly and carry a big stick”; a campaign speech from his unsuccessful presidential bid in 1912; and a document criticizing Woodrow Wilson’s policy on World War I. The majority of the materials date from the period between 1878—when Roosevelt was a student at Harvard College—through 1919, the year of his death. The Harvard University Library also holds a significant archive of Roosevelt documents. And Dickinson State University in North Dakota is partnering with the Library of Congress and other organizations to develop a digital collection as well.

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