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Apr 01, 2019 2019-04-01

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Tool for Animating Images While Exploring Math Concepts

With Choreo Graph, from the New York Hall of Science, learners explore and use mathematical concepts from coordinate geometry, angles, rotations, and translations as they make animations from simple dance moves to complex scenes. Suited to middle school and high school students, the Choreo Graph iPad app and accompanying curriculum activities address national standards by integrating content and mathematical practices. From the home screen, students can start with the quick “Intro,” or they can choose “Make Some Moves” to begin creating. In the “Build” mode, students take or choose a photo (from their iPad’s camera roll or from a few preloaded backgrounds) and simply draw on the image to cut out parts. They can use multiple parts from several photos in a project. Each clipped piece has a bull's-eye for use in “Animate” mode. Users can move points on a graph to control angles of moving parts and can drag objects to new locations. Then they can set these moves to music. On the Choreo Graph website, teachers can browse standards-aligned lesson plans that integrate science, math, design, and the arts.

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