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Sep 17, 2018 2018-09-17

Mobile Learning

Tool for Creating, Testing, and Sharing iOS Apps

Using a visual interface rather than a programming language, Lightwell lets students create real iOS apps that they can share with nearby devices or submit to the Apple App Store. Although Lightwell is a professional tool, students can use the software to create simple apps as they learn the programming language. They will learn how to build layers and animations, create interactions (swipe, tap), and integrate audio. Lightwell consists of two applications: Lightwell Editor for MacBook or Chromebook, which is used for developing new apps, and the mobile app (iOS) Lightwell Previewer for testing and sharing. Completed apps can be exported to Xcode and submitted to the Apple App Store (publishing an app in the Apple App Store requires an Apple Developer account, Apple approval, and an annual fee). Lightwell is available on Mac OS X and Chromebook. Cost: Free download

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