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Feb 01, 2019 2019-02-01

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Tool for Creating Arts-Integrated Curricula

The Phillips Collection’s education team collaborated with K–12 teachers and researchers to develop Prism.K12, an innovative teaching tool for K–12 teachers—of any subject—to create rich arts-integrated curricula. Prism.K12 helps teachers enhance current lessons or build new ones from scratch. Teachers can create arts-integrated lesson ideas with the Shake Up K12 game. First they choose one of the curated, online sets of artwork from The Phillips Collection: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, Late 19th-Century Impressionist and Modern Art, or Paul Klee’s Shapes and Symbols. Next they roll virtual dice (or shake if they’re using a handheld device) to see which Prism.K12 artwork, strategy, and subject area they land on, and then they dream up a lesson plan for their students. They can also check out lesson ideas from the Prism.K12 educator community and share their own lessons on social media.

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