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Use the InsertLearning Chrome extension to turn regular websites into interactive learning platforms.

Jun 01, 2018 2018-06-01

Digital Learning • Learning Support

Tool to Turn Websites into Interactive Lessons

InsertLearning was founded by two high school teachers who wanted to create a richer learning experience for their students. Their aim is to help teachers turn the internet into an interactive learning experience. InsertLearning lets users take any page on the internet and turn it into a lesson. Suppose, for example, a teacher finds a great article from a website that he or she would like students to read and would also like to ask them a few questions about the content, as well as add their own commentary or insert a related video. With InsertLearning, users can do all of that right on the article. They can start with any web page and then highlight text, add notes, and embed questions—either multiple choice or open ended—which students can answer right on the page. Users can also embed other content, such as images, mind maps, even videos they record straight from their webcam.

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