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Aug 15, 2017

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Tools to Ignite Meaningful Discussions Across the Globe

Designed by a professor and graduate students at the University of Minnesota, Flipgrid brings the world’s voices to the classroom and sends students’ voices around the world. The tool allows for meaningful interaction, but asynchronously—that is, both parties don’t have to be online at the same time. Flipgrid allows teachers to set up a site (“grid”) and pose a question via video for students or others to answer, also via video. Users respond to the initial question, with their responses becoming part of a threaded video conversation. Participants can paste a grid code (generated by Flipgrid) into the free Flipgrid app, available for iOS and Android, and participate from their phones. With Flipgrid One, teachers have access to a free version of Flipgrid that never expires. They are allowed one grid with limited features and can add as many topics and record as many responses as they like. At a cost of $65 per teacher per year, Flipgrid Classroom offers unlimited grids, the ability to export data to a gradebook and Excel, global classroom connections, and more.

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