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Jan 15, 2019 2019-01-15

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Video Series on Constitutional History and Civic Holidays

Created and produced by the National Constitution Center, Constitution Hall Pass features the museum’s education staff, distinguished scholars, and even some well-known faces who bring the story of America’s democracy to life. Through this free video series, students will explore America’s civic holidays and constitutional history. The National Constitution Center and Drexel University’s School of Education have received multiple awards in recognition for their collaborative work on the 24 episodes of Constitution Hall Pass. Some episodes spotlight the Supreme Court. Other episodes focus on the constitutional convention, federalism, the legislative and executive branches of government, and separation of powers. In still others, students will learn about the Bill of Rights, and the First, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendments. They will also discover the story of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Tax Day, Earth Day, and Thanksgiving. Some of the videos can serve as Classroom Discussion Starters on Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Excessive Punishment, and Search and Seizure.

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