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Apr 01, 2021 2021-04-01

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Videogame That Makes Learning Math and English a Full-Bodied Experience

The online platform Kinems engages students in mathematics and English lessons through movement and game-based learning. Similar to a Nintendo Wii, the Kinems platform uses motion-based sensors and allows touchless interaction, enabling children to control an avatar on the screen by moving their bodies. The platform was initially created to help engage children with special educational needs and to improve cognitive and motor skills. Because the learning needs of students vary, Kinems can be fully customized. Kinesthetic learning is woven into each game, whether it is focused on math or English language arts. Teachers can personalize activities based on individual students’ academic needs or, for students in special education, the goals in their Individualized Education Program. The program gives teachers real-time feedback on both learning and motor skills. The games can also be customized to meet several state standards. Early grade students may practice math vocabulary and counting, while older students practice math operations, language and vocabulary, sentence structures, and spelling.

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Digital Learning • Learning Support
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