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Nov 16, 2020 2020-11-16

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Virtual-Reality Journey with Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

Since Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland debuted in 1865, the fantastical tale of a girl who falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in an alternative universe has inspired countless retellings. From rabbit holes to mirrors, flamingoes to hedgehogs, Wonderland is the perfect world for virtual reality. A new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London, “Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser,” will chart a century and a half of the story’s cultural impact when it opens in March 2021. Thanks to a virtual reality (VR) exhibition launched by the museum and tech company HTC Vive Arts, audiences can enjoy a sneak preview from the comfort of their own homes. Dubbed “Curious Alice,” a free, 45-minute VR experience, took place on October 22. During the preview, participants wandered through a virtual environment inspired by the museum’s ornate nineteenth-century building. A personal companion—a white rabbit similar to the one Alice encounters in her fictional journey—accompanied visitors as they encountered visual effects, including a “pool of tears” and a “hallway of doors.” The full “Curious Alice “ experience is available for purchase ($4.99 USD) from Vive Arts. At the physical exhibition in March, attendees will also have the chance to don headsets and explore an extended VR game based on Alice’s famous topsy-turvy croquet match against the Queen of Hearts.

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