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Chemistry Experiment

Apr 17, 2017

Mobile Learning

Virtual Chemistry Lab

CHEMIST, by THIX, is the first-of-its-kind virtual chemical lab for iOS and Android mobile devices. Students can experiment with various lab equipment, procedures, and more than 300 chemicals, however and whenever they want—without the need to buy chemicals or clean up afterward. A User Guide is freely available for teachers to download. Cost: $8.99

Plus: Students can explore 150 chemicals in a virtual lab in the BEAKER app for iOS by THIX. BEAKER turns their device into a chemical vessel for conducting hands-on experiments. Students can add in chemicals, ignite them, heat them up, and shake their device to start or accelerate reactions. The liquid simulation creates sizzling chemicals in their smartphone. To clear their beaker, students simply rotate and pour everything out—and most important, they are absolutely safe. Students can also team up with their friends to pour chemicals between each other’s devices via AirMix. Cost: Free


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