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Aug 01, 2017


Virtual Reality Storytelling

CoSpaces turns students from virtual reality (VR) consumers into VR creators. On CoSpaces’s platform, VR becomes a creative tool for student expression—from telling stories and modeling environments to exhibiting work. For students and teachers who want to add depth to the experience, CoSpaces provides support for scripting using either Blockly (beginner) or JavaScript (advanced). Using one of these languages, students can model and animate objects, adding an extra layer of learning to the engaging experience of VR creation. The free version of CoSpaces includes a 3D editor and library; limited image search and import; limited 3D image import; Blockly, JavaScript, and Typescript languages; and public sharing. Users can explore their creations in the free CoSpaces VR app on their smartphone (iOS and Android) or find out what others have built. CoSpaces Edu, designed to be used specifically in the classroom, complements traditional teaching methods by immersing students into a world where they can create, consume, and connect with the curriculum through the revolutionary visual medium of virtual reality. The cost of 50 licenses is $75/year; other licensing options are available as well.

Virtual/Augmented/Alternative Reality Computer Science/Coding/Programming Reading/English/Language Arts

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