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Oct 01, 2021 2021-10-01

Professional Growth

Virtual Workshop Presenting Practical Strategies for Digital Learning

Online Teaching and Learning in Action from Harvard Graduate School of Education serves as an action-oriented space where classroom teachers, curriculum leaders, and administrators can engage in conversation, participate in a supportive community, give and receive feedback from peers, and iterate on work in a flexible environment. This six-week virtual workshop provides those who are teaching, learning, and leading in online and blended environments with a supportive community as they extend, implement, and evaluate their digital practice. Each week, from November 3 through December 14, 2021, participants will have the opportunity to adopt and practice frameworks related to designing for innovation, with an emphasis on data-driven iterative cycles and design thinking for educators. They will explore a framework for digital learning and reflect on and apply ideas from the weekly content in dialogue with their peers in a social-media inspired, user-centric discussion forum. Participants will have access to on-demand expertise—weekly supporting content from experts through prerecorded or written resources—providing additional support as they apply and implement new strategies. They will also engage in real-time interaction, participating in two synchronous facilitated sessions centered on design thinking, which will guide them through the process of interactive brainstorming, ideation, and testing of prototypes. Moderators will be present to provide technical assistance, suggest additional resources, and recap and highlight key discussion contributions. The cost of the six-week virtual workshop is $375 per person; a 10% discount is offered for groups. Registration is open until October 26, 2021. The workshop applies toward the Certificate in Media and Technology for Education.

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