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SAM Space Education STEAM App by SAM Labs Develops Coding and Computational Thinking Skills

May 01, 2018 2018-05-01

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Wireless Blocks for Developing Computational Thinking

SAM Space Education is a programming app for iOS that teaches students how to apply computational thinking to design algorithms and programs. It can be paired with hardware SAM Blocks that feature buttons, DC motors, LED lights, sliders, buzzers, and more. The software controls aspects such as behaviors, sound, timing, color, and logic. SAM Space allows for blocks to be visualized and coded together in a simple and intuitive way. Visual, flow-based drag-and-drop coding allows students to take their physical SAM Blocks, drop them into a virtual canvas, and connect them together to create projects. These can be expanded and iterated upon by the student to infinitely expand the app’s capabilities. The wireless blocks are also compatible with LEGO, 3D printers, and laser cutters. Detailed lesson plans, a teacher guide, and short videos are available on the SAM Labs website. Students can also use SAM Space at home even if they don’t have any physical blocks. By swapping the physical SAM Blocks with virtual blocks, teachers can easily assign coding homework with SAM Labs. Costs: Free app; SAM Blocks range from $17 to $45 each. Also available are SAM Lab Kits, which start at $149.

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