May 15, 2020
Funding & Recognition
Challenge for Connecting People and Building Empathy

Do your students have what it takes to recognize hate and to try to stop it? The Stronger Than Hate Challenge invites students aged 13–18 to create a video; write a poem, song, or blog; or produce a painting or piece of artwork that demonstrates the chosen medium’s potential to create a community that is stronger than hate.

Digital Learning • Learning Support
Online Tutoring Program Pairing K–12 Students with College Mentors

CovEducation, an online platform created by students from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, pairs college undergraduate and postgraduate student mentors with K–12 students affected by school closures during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Meeting Students’ Needs Amidst COVID-19

I began my education career in 1985—and if you’ve done the math, you realize that this year marks my 35th in the education profession. During that time, I’ve seen technology move from having one mimeograph machine in the teacher workroom to copiers or printers in multiple locations throughout a building. I remember having access to one electric typewriter stationed in a communal space to type tests or quizzes and now everyone has access to his/her own device that can be taken home for administering quizzes online.
Funding & Recognition
Competition for Youth to Showcase Their Vocal Talents

The American Protégé International Vocal Competition is intended for singers who would like to challenge themselves in a competitive environment. The competition is open to solo vocalists and vocal groups of all ages, nationalities, and countries.
Professional Growth
Free Online Access to Spanish-Language Educational Materials

Thanks to an international partnership between the Mexican Ambassador to the US, Martha Bárcena, and the Center for Applied Linguistics, teachers across the United States have free online access to hundreds of multimedia Spanish resources, including complete textbooks, lesson plans, videoclips, and maps.
Professional Growth
Essentials to Help Facilitate Remote Learning

Are you unsure of where to start in supporting English learners with exceptional needs? Many educators do not receive training in this critical and complex area, and it can be overwhelming to try to figure it all out on their own. In TESOL’s new online course, “Supporting English Learners with Exceptional Needs,” teachers can build their knowledge of English learners with disabilities and engage in discussions, activities, and projects that will prepare them to help learners reach their potential.
STEM from an Indigenous Perspective

No culture exists without science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM provides the necessary tools to function in the natural environment. How a society lives and learns to use evidence-based results to survive can differ greatly. In Coyote’s Crazy Smart Science Show, the world of scientific discovery is explored from an Indigenous perspective.
Funding & Recognition
National Children’s Short Story Contest

Barnes & Noble has launched its first National Children’s Short Story Contest for young storytellers and promising wordsmiths. Barnes & Noble is calling on children aged 6–12 to share their original short stories for a chance to be published in a book.

Funding & Recognition
COVID-19 Emergency School Nutrition Funding

GENYOUth is awarding grants of up to $3,000 to support emergency school nutrition programs in response to the novel coronavirus crisis. The grants are intended for resources and equipment for meal distribution and delivery.

Digital Learning • Learning Support
Educational Tools to Deepen Students’ Engagement with the Literary Arts

To help teachers guide students through the writing process, Narrative in Schools is offering a wealth of new, free educational tools on its online portal.

Image by Frauke Riether from Pixabay
Funding & Recognition
COVID-19 Rapid Response Minigrants

Peace First is offering Rapid Response Minigrants for youth-centered projects and campaigns that respond to secondary effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic in communities.
Professional Growth
Web Tool That Encourages Humane Digital Interactions

The Small Online Kindness (SOK) Generator is a web tool that encourages educators to consider how to best express the kindest and most empathetic intention when they communicate remotely with another person.
Videos, Virtual Tours, and More Bringing the Universe into Students’ Homes

When students can barely leave the house, outer space seems very far away, but NASA at Home offers resources for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

Digital Learning • Learning Support
Platform for Sharing Moments Connecting with Loved Ones

In this historic pandemic, when people across the country are feeling alone, one meaningful conversation can make all the difference. The StoryCorps Connect platform enables anyone to remotely record a StoryCorps interview with a loved one using videoconferencing technology. The audio and a still photo from each interview will be preserved in the Library of Congress.
Professional Growth
Webcast on Equity Issues When Moving Instruction Online

The novel coronavirus pandemic set off a race for schools to launch remote learning efforts to keep children from falling behind. In “The Digital Divide and Remote Learning,” an episode of Harvard EdCast, Lecturer Uche Amaechi, EdD ‘16, illuminates the tension that arises for schools trying to find a balance in continuing education in equitable ways for all students.
Digital Learning • Learning Support
Collection of Free Games for Learning at Home

Filament Games has curated several free learning game in multiple subjects, including life science, media literacy, and women in STEM. For example, the Oculus game Breaking Boundaries in Science is a virtual-reality celebration of some of history’s most renowned women in the STEM arena.
Professional Growth
Research-to-Practice Expertise on Responding to COVID-19 Challenges

Johns Hopkins School of Education is on the frontlines shaping how the education profession responds to the challenges brought on by the novel coronavirus. A trove of timely and relevant research, expertise, guidance, and resources are intended to help families, teachers, and district leaders emerge from the crisis stronger than ever.
Digital Learning • Learning Support
Thematic Curricula Connecting Art and History Through Inquiry

Works of art are special kinds of historical sources that spark inquiry in the classroom in remarkable ways. Developed by educators at the Art Institute of Chicago, Art + History is an innovative method for using art as a primary source for historical inquiry.
Mobile Learning
Game That Teaches the Basics of Robotics

The Robotizen app for iOS and Android teaches children aged 4–9 the basics of computer programming and robotics through a variety of interactive learning activities in an interesting story.


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